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Your website should be as well. We don't create templates we customised unique designs for all our clients to communicate their uniqueness to their patients.


Considering that almost 70% of the traffic to your site will come from mobile devices it's a no-brainer to assume that your site must be deliberately and properly adapted to mobile and tablet deliverability. "Just enough" is not acceptable any more, pretend responsiveness which was once good enough is not “good enough”.


Many agencies say no - that job is for your SEO consultant, no I'm sorry it's the job of the team that develops your site to both care about on-page SEO but also be mindful of keeping all of your rankings, helping transfer over all the hard work you have paid for (or possibly done yourself) to the new site. You won't lose any rankings or your traffic when you go with us.

Services we offer

As a 360° agency with over 17 years experience Simper Digital is a one stop solution for all your digital, design, development and marketing needs & requirements.

A small list of our services include:

  • UX/UI work
  • Digital strategy
  • Social media set up
  • Online publishing
  • PPC / Adwords
  • Branding from logo to stationary
  • Web design
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • And so much more...

Case Studies

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About Us

Having managed, developed and supported over 50 dental practices in the past year to realise more success and experience a more coherent online engagement. Simper is optimally positioned to serve and support the dental community, to give the solution they have sought for a decade.

Simper has had many evolutions and transformations over the years. It’s founders have a sea of experience in all things digital. Simper digital has emerged as the leading provider of services to the medical profession in recent years with a strong focus on dental, and having attained our preferred partner status with Bupa’s Dental Corp network the sky is the limit.

Few understand the delicate balance between professionalism, government and establishment regulations and the need for business commercialisation that a professional clinic must walk along but with all the experience we have with medical establishment and particularly with dentists we hold a unique position to provide your industry the greatest results.

Sam Kalache


Sam Kalache has digital in his blood, having graduated many moons ago with a double degree in electrical engineering and computer science. Sam has been in the digital development evolution all of his adult work life.

Having worked with such clients as Bupa, Dental Corp, Westpac Treasury application integration, Bunnings B2B. He drove manageNet to success before founding Simper at the behest of his clients and their request for a reliable and predictable supplier of web and development needs.



Sarkis Doueihi started on the other half of the spectrum. He hated computer science in University and instead, went down the medical and psychological studies road.

Sarkis started his first digital agency in 2001 and has worked with such clients as KIA, Time Warner and Capelli NYC. His companies have launched over 900 top shelf websites built from the ground up over a period of 14 years, with a depth of experience in everything from project development and planning, to the orchestration of teams.

Sarkis has built very large coding teams and has a mastery in the ability to locate whatever is needed in resources and assets to get a project completed on time and on budget.



Clint Nielsen is a passionate and strategic creative leader having acquired over 18 years of experience in brand, design and marketing.

Clints agency experience including leadership roles at McCann, Publicis Mojo, DDB, Clemenger and The Works, have allowed him to work with hundreds of clients both large and small including Toyota, PayPal, Microsoft, Bupa and McDonalds to name but a few.

Clint has been running his own show since 2010 with creative outputs such as Lightleakr Photography and His core focus Demon Group merged with Space Station Earth to become xAgency in 2016.



John Jarrar has a rich history in high-end development, software product and specialist integrations. His skill and breadth of experience is phenomenal for an old man, let alone a fellow as young as he is.
Working on the cutting edge of technology, John is never left behind. Well versed in many coding disciplines with experience in SNOMED.


It’s a new age in professional websites and you have a lot of responsibility that you didn’t have last year. You now must be security conscious and professionally compliant with all the new laws.

Many current sites just aren’t compliant even with all the bandaids in the world.

Not only that, but content has evolved as the sophistication of our clients and patients has evolved. Added to this, is your brand value and the impact that has on your bottom line.

All these things and more scream for you to build a new site thus reinvigorating your online results and boosting the success of your practice.

Dental Corp Network have a lot of experience to guide you with this.

It’s always best to have your own photos as they ultimately increase the perception of your practice in the eyes of patients. Dental Care Network can recommend some great local photographers who aren’t very expensive. If you aren’t willing to invest in a photoshoot at the moment, then stock images might be an option.

Dental Care Network can even help you to source some from

People don’t appreciate what a great website does for their business until they have one, then they wonder why they wasted so much time and money doing it on the cheap.

You see, you always pay one way or the other. You might think that having a cheap site is a great quick solution, but we have the data that shows how much those cheap sites cost in conversions, in lack of flexibility of the site and in google rankings and traffic.

However, the main reason one would chose this path, is the feeling of having a professional agency that you can rely on which gives you peace of mind to focus on what you do, while they focus on what you want them to do–create you a special, unique and most importantly, functioning website.

Funny, this is the most common question we get. It seems anyone can build a website these days, just like every corner store can do teeth whitening—No?

Building a professional website takes people who know what they are doing from the core to the periphery. Yes, even a high school student can put up a template without much of a challenge, but developing a website that represents your Clinic are two very different things.

To be blunt, you’re in a respected business, one of the most respected in fact, yet why would you want to go for a cheap solution made by people who aren’t professional? Your friends and neighbours aren’t on the cutting edge that gives you the competitive advantage of winning the Google game.

We are. We know what the other guys are doing and how to win by building the best sites in the market.

We get this question a lot. There are many myths about Google rankings after a new website build. Instead of answering this question ourselves, let’s get a dentist who we work with to answer it for you…

Hi there,

I’ve built a few sites and achieved excellent SEO in the dentistry field. My site hit 80,000 visits per month at it’s peak and the practice site I built as an associate, was generating 50-80 new patients per month for the 5 years it was active. I actually worked as an SEO consultant for a few years on the side of dentistry; this gave me a chance to understand it on a level most dentists will never get close to. It’s a complex and rapidly changing environment and I stay on top of the information as best as I can but ultimately it’s not my primary focus which is why I went in search of a company who I could trust with sort of thing. The more you know, the more you are able to weed out those who are not at the top of their game and I chose Sarkis and the team to rebrand me and my web presence for their consistent high quality sites, the results they achieve and their integrity- something often lacking in SEO circles. Having a website that customers see is one thing, but having one that converts is a totally different ball game. After going through many of their sites, I was taken back by the sheer quality of their designs and graphics; a step above any of the competitors that I have seen.

I did copious research before making my decision. Here’s just a little background…

Google appreciates that people will want to re-design and re-brand their businesses, the key is doing so in a way lets them know what is happening. Done correctly and strategically, there are many benefits to a new site that may actually improve ranking- SEO structure of the site, page load speed, HTTPS over HTTP to name a few. The way in which the transition is handled and the quality of the new site are important to maintain as much ranking as possible during the migration and set the foundation for it to actually improve. Google in increasingly good at understanding this type of scenario, and use of tools such as the Search Console ‘Change of Address’ tool (, really helps. You may want to review Google’s own advice on this topic (, and be aware of their own ‘caveats’.

Redirects may need to be employed appropriately to achieve this by the agency. Here is a link to one of the most reputable online SEO knowledge bases. which talks about preserving page rank etc.

We began with a full ‘benchmark’ audit of my site, to give a clear understanding of the current site, its strengths / weaknesses and what needs to be carried over. The new version of the site was then be made available in a development environment to allow me to make the content / structural changes where required, and allow mapping of URL’s where necessary, and implement any technical fixes highlighted in the audit. That’s where i am currently up to and I’m very happy. I’m putting in my new content as we speak.

Then there is overseeing the domain switch / redirection process, and carrying standard post-switch checks and tests via another site audit focusing largely on the technical aspects and closely watching and reviewing site performance.

Of course, as with anything there are some risks in the process but choosing the right team to partner with is critical to maximise your outcome.

– Dr Jamie Workman

The best people to talk to about this is Dental Corp. They have way more experience and understanding of the market than anyone. It doesn’t have to be painful or confusing. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

You might need new content written, however if your content is outdated, non-compliant and not optimised for SEO (keywords etc), then it might be in the interest of your practice/business to get some professional copy written.

It can add so much value to your site and to your reputation and it again doesn’t have to be expensive. Content is essential in your success. It must be engaging and optimally unique to your site and practice.

We often hear dentists say “Oh I will write my content”. But after a day filled with umpteen patients and all the other responsibilities of a practice, they have little chance of writing an email to their better half let alone content for their website.

Most often it never gets done. It ends up cheaper and easier to get a pro to do it with your input.

Other than for reasons of ethics and industry respect, the main reason we don’t copy content from other sites is that Google will give preference of content from the original site and at times, can penalise you for using content that already existed elsewhere (especially if you didn’t acknowledge the source).

Either way you look at it, it’s bad business and bad karma.

There are many options available to help support you post build. Dental Corp has some solutions in the works as we speak and we will update you shortly.

We’d be happy to provide editor access.

We love it when the practice wants to get involved in the update and upkeep of their site, however we hope it’s not offensive to add a warning that you’ll be editing at your own risk.

We are happy to clean up any mess you may create, and there is nothing you do that we can’t clean up, but it may come with a small fee attached.

Blogs make a site unique and are actually very much part of any long term SEO content strategy.

Blogging done right can get you a large following and industry respect not to mention marketing power. We highly recommend including a blog in your development. So much so, that we actually include it as part of all the builds we do.

We are proud to say that we are one of the few companies that does website builds that considers SEO right from the start. It is essential that the “on-page” factors are treated in the building of the website. This includes meta tags, image tags and other internal keyword implementation at the code level.

On top of this, the websites we develop are optimised to help Google (and other search engines) bots crawl your site faster and easier and thus give you a strategic advantage. We also make sure that all your old links are redirected to the most appropriate pages of the new site.

It surprises us that more dentists don’t know that they can directly track the success of their website.

When we connect your website with a tracking number (which is cheap as chips). You can track the entire process and work out which leads came from your site and how successful those conversions were. It doesn’t take much but it does take know how in the set up of both Google Analytics, Google Goals and a proper (and cheap) tracking number.

There are also other modes to use for tracking including contact forms and adding a referral sources in your practice software. We have lots of experience in helping Clinics measure their success.

Yes – online booking is available via your practice software and you will need to talk to your account manager about setting it up.

Customers these days expect that it is something that should be available to them. If you’re already doing it, then that’s great. All we need to do to integrate it, is adding a button that connects your systems. However, if you don’t already do it, your practice software should most likely offer it as a feature, and your account manager can help you set it up. Once this happens, they can then give us the needed code to integrate it into your new website. Its all doable.